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Classic Beetle Ads

I could write a paragraph here about what makes VW Beetle advertising special but instead I'll just let you look for yourself.  Click on a thumbnail for a full-size version of the ad and be sure to read the fine print.  That's where the true VW spirit and image can be found.  I think you'll agree that as much as VW has changed, the ads are still the same.

Think small.


$1.02 a pound.

And if you run out of gas it's easy to push.

It isn't so.

The only water a Volkswagen needs is the water you wash it with.


A rare photo.

Don't laugh.

Has the Volkswagen fad died out?

2 shapes known the world over.

How long can we keep handing you this line?

Will we ever kill the bug?

There are a lot of good cars you can get for $3400.  Here's two of them.

The $35000 Volkswagen.

Think it over New York, Chicago, San Francisco.

It's possible.

They say it couldn't be done.  It couldn't.

After 30 Volkswagens, Father Bittman still believes.

33 years later he got the bug.

It does all the work but on Saturday night which one goes to the party?  (such a shame)

In 1949 we sold two Volkswagens in the USA.

How to tell the year of a Volkswagen

How can you be sure you are getting a '62?

How to make a '54 look like a '64.

Introducing two of the most radical changes in Volkswagen history.  Can you spot them?

Mr. Kennedy and his 1947, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965 Volkswagen.

Repair 'em?  I've got enough parts to build 'em!

Volkswagen overdoes it again: 4 coats of paint.

The famous Italian designer suggested one change.

If you wouldn't own a car in New York City maybe you should buy a Volkswagen.

Can you name this car?

You're missing a lot when you own a Volkswagen.

Made in U.S.A.

That's how many times we inspect a Volkswagen.

It makes your house look bigger.

We've gone places.

Sometimes we get the feeling we're being followed.

Presenting America's slowest fastback.

Volkswagen's unique construction keeps dampness out.

Any change will be an improvement.

All for the price of a fancier priced car.

Going, going... (The final old Beetle ad)


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